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INFORMS 2012 Forestry Session Wrap-Up

I know it’s been over a week since 2012 INFORMS Annual Conference has ended, but better now than never for a short wrap-up of the conference. Overall, there have been 5 sessions dedicated to forestry applications. The talks fall about equally between Applications (a.k.a “this is what we’re doing in our part of the world”) and […]

MIP Solvers: black boxes vs open platforms

Users of commercial solvers can be split into several archetypes who have very different goals and needs. Professionals and consulting people want a performing and easy-to-use black box that reads data and returns a result. Academics want an open software platform as well as the ability to change virtually any algorithmic detail of the solver. Solvers as black boxes Commercial solvers are […]

Is it really possible to compare optimization algorithms?

In the general case, which solver/method is the best? Is a question that I must have been asked 50 times, in class or while discussing with colleagues. I can only imagine how many times Hans Mittelmann has heard the question. Nathan Brixius already made a very interesting post about this very issue, and I’m not […]

Choosing an itinerary for INFORMS 2012

To me, attending the INFORMS Annual Conference is like going to a gourmet restaurant with a 30-page menu. Deciding what to attend to will be difficult; I’m gonna get too much information; It will take time to digest what I’ve heard and learned. I’ve made an intinerary which will probably change during the course of the conference. […]