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How is a blog post worth in academia?

In a recent blog post, Thaddeus Sim asked the following question: Would professional (i.e., academic type) blog posts be considered teaching, research, or service? Where would one list it in an annual report or tenure application? After commenting on his blog and reading some posts written on the subject (here, and here), I decided it […]

Operations Research: A recursive art-and-science?

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to look at research we’re doing in a humorous way rather than to criticize recent research. The “is x an art or a science?” is a very cliché question (x being an element of a set, not a vector of decision variables). My belief is that although we most often work […]

Some experiments with CPLEX automated tuning tool

Tuning strategies to get the most out of a solver seem an important issue to me. I a recent post, I looked at a strategy consisting of emphasizing cutting plane types that were generated by CPLEX using default settings. Following a suggestion from Paul A. Rubin, I decided to give a try with CPLEX’s automated tuning tool. […]

Don’t run everything on your laptop

Working on a laptop is really nice since you can carry your office everywhere. Over the last year, I’ve seen a lot of people switching from laptop to tablets for email and word processing, and now use their laptop for what they did on their desktop. I’m no personal productivity expert, but I can give […]