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When branching isn’t such a good idea

Here is one toy problem that was given to me by professor Mikael Rönnqvist: Max SumOf(Xj)     (for each j in J) subject to   SumOf( 2Xj) <= |J| + 1   while every Xj is binary. A few observations about this toy model: Finding an optimal solution is pretty obvious, since it implies […]

Green logistics not so popular in my classroom

Today, I learned a lesson: Subjects that are popular in research are not necessarily popular among students.

What is the place of OR in a business school class?

I’ve been thinking for some time about the place of operations research in business school classes. It is a very complex yet important question to me, as I did my undergrad studies in business administration. When you study in such an broad program, you get exposed to a lot of ideas, values, concepts and techniques. Some […]

Four uses for automated tuning of solvers

I only recently started working with automated tuning tools, either for metaheuristics or MIP solvers. I find the value proposal quite appealing, as it could remove the need for some time-consuming tasks that I don’t enjoy doing. However, after a few experiments I quickly realized that I took the wrong approach to reap the value […]