Archives for May 2013

Using commercial solvers in academic research

Over the last two years or so, I’ve ran into a couple of discussions about the use of commercial solvers in academic OR projects. There is often a moderate sense of unease when using commercial MILP solvers in our research. The problem is not the commercial property of the software – at least, not since […]

Proclaiming the failure of solvers

Designing specialized optimization algorithms to solve challenging optimization problems has been a very popular research area among academics. Yet much of the justification for this kind of research lies on the inhability of solvers to solve a particular problem. This is fine. But sometimes, we are a bit unfair to solvers, and most of all, […]

Closing the (MIP) gap – Part I

MIP Solvers are more powerful than ever. They mainly do two things: (1) find high-quality (optimal) solutions, and (2) proving the optimality of that solution. While in most cases performance is evaluated in terms of time-to-optimality, quite often a high quality solution is found in in only a fraction of the time needed to prove […]