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Keeping a horse in the race

(This post was originally published on the INFORMS 2013 Blog). While attending this year’s INFORMS Annual Conference, this phrase caught my attention: we need to keep a horse in the race.  It simply means that for a typical paper to be accepted in a journal, researchers either need a completely new model or application, or […]

Solving sets of similar instances, Part I

In an industrial application, one has often to solve similar instances of the same mixed-integer linear programming (MIP) model. Furthermore, from one model to another, a large proportion of the data is similar. Because of the heuristic nature of MIP computation, these very similar instances could behave quite differently when one tries to solve them. […]

OR/MS Forecast: Sunny days for the Cloud

Cloud computing is everywhere this year. A lot of researchers are proposed parallel algorithms for many applications. The Cloud is also quite the hype with software vendors. Gurobi, CPLEX and Sulumn, among others, have announced or are already shipping distributed computing algorithms for solving mathematical programming problems in the cloud. You can thus build your […]

OR, djent music and regular polytopes

As both Laura McLay and Paul A. Rubin pointed out earlier this year, there are plenty of songs, lyrics and even band names that appeal to the theme of applied mathematics and operations research. Among those, bands that perform djent music – a style of metal music often referred to as math-metal – favor the […]