Facility location : presolved to optimality!



This post has temporarily been suspended as some readers noticed potential problem with the model files. I will issue a corrected post shortly.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.



  1. Matteo Fischetti says

    It seems to me that your instances are very easy: did you try the hard CFL instances from the literature, including those in

    P. Avella and M. Boccia. A cutting plane algorithm for the capacitated facility location problem. Computational Optimization and Applications, 43(1):39–65, 2009.

    S. Goertz and A. Klose. A simple but usually fast branch-and-bound algorithm for the capacitated facility location problem. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 24(4):597–610, 2012.

    • I simply generated a few instances so students could play with the problem and analyze the logfile of the solver. That is how I came to observe that those were presolved to optimality. I didn’t try those from the literature, but I will definitely do.

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