OR, djent music and regular polytopes

As both Laura McLay and Paul A. Rubin pointed out earlier this year, there are plenty of songs, lyrics and even band names that appeal to the theme of applied mathematics and operations research. Among those, bands that perform djent music – a style of metal music often referred to as math-metal – favor the use of compressed, low-tone guitar riffs as well as names and lyrics that have a strong math reference. For instance, the British formation TesseracT may well be the highest dimensional name.

As some of you may know, in addition to OR, I also have a passion for music.As such, I would like to join the trend and form a band devoted to both operations research and djent music. The band would probably be called Eigenvector, unless someone has a better name to propose. The band would write lengthy compositions which would be submitted to a peer review process of masked djent musicians from established bands.

The chapters of the first album are currently in progress:

  1. Symphony of Disjunctions (Megadeth tribute)
  2. Davy Jones’ ship has a convex hull
  3. Our basis is optimal
  4. Please be my dual
  5. The largest clique in town (is NP-hard to find)
  6. Top model
  7. You’re exceeding my (Markovitz) tolerance
  8. Something about this barrier

To anyone that doubted otherwise, I am not really looking to form such a band. What is serious, however, is the band I play in – Timeless Oceans – has some pretty strong djent influences. 

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