Supply chain network design in 500 words

I’ve spent more time working on supply chain network (SCN) design problems than any other. This post summarizes the topic. What is supply chain network design? SCN design is a strategic problem arising in logistics and supply chain management. Typical SCN design problems involves strategic decisions on the number, location, capacity and missions of the […]

LP file format: uses and intricacies

LP is one of the most popular formats for explicit description of an optimization model (the other contender being MPS). It uses an algebraic format where you enter the problem’s objective function and constraints line by line. For the last few years I’ve been using that format quite regularly, and I’d say I both hate […]

Research, Failure and Adversity

Today’s post is a personal story. Most researchers – either professionals or academic – are accustomed to be successful and to be among the best. When I started doing research, I discovered a new world in which my previous experience didn’t count much. And in order to become a better researcher, I had to get […]