Is your research paper a star, a comet, or an asteroid?

One of the tasks I find challenging is determining what papers to recommend for introducing grad students to a particular field. How to split the assignments between classics and current hot topics? In order to help students anticipate what kind of papers they are about to read, I came up with a metaphor that I find […]

Academia and software neutrality

When I started my PhD, the only MIP solver that was used at the lab was Cplex. At that time, it was considered the best by the people I worked with. I say “considered”, because I took this assumption as a fact without actually testing it. I could have been working with the wrong solver without […]

Research, Failure and Adversity

Today’s post is a personal story. Most researchers – either professionals or academic – are accustomed to be successful and to be among the best. When I started doing research, I discovered a new world in which my previous experience didn’t count much. And in order to become a better researcher, I had to get […]

Using commercial solvers in academic research

Over the last two years or so, I’ve ran into a couple of discussions about the use of commercial solvers in academic OR projects. There is often a moderate sense of unease when using commercial MILP solvers in our research. The problem is not the commercial property of the software – at least, not since […]