The recommendation game [dual]

People who teach or supervise students have a tremendous influence on what solvers get adopted by the community. Once they finish their studies, many students will continue to use the tools they have learned in school; it is simply more efficient. In this post, I explain the reasons behind the choice of tools I use in class. […]

Academia and software neutrality

When I started my PhD, the only MIP solver that was used at the lab was Cplex. At that time, it was considered the best by the people I worked with. I say “considered”, because I took this assumption as a fact without actually testing it. I could have been working with the wrong solver without […]

Green logistics not so popular in my classroom

Today, I learned a lesson: Subjects that are popular in research are not necessarily popular among students.

What is the place of OR in a business school class?

I’ve been thinking for some time about the place of operations research in business school classes. It is a very complex yet important question to me, as I did my undergrad studies in business administration. When you study in such an broad program, you get exposed to a lot of ideas, values, concepts and techniques. Some […]