About Me & This Blog

Who am I?

My name is Marc-André Carle. I am an assistant professor at Université Laval‘s business school as well as coordinator for the Canada Research Chair on Planning Sustainable Forest Networks, held by professor Sophie D’Amours. The chair is part of the FORAC Consortium. I am also teaching supply chain design & management at the graduate level. During my Ph.D., I was also president of the Association des étudiant(e)s inscrits aux études supérieures à Laval (AELIÉS), Laval’s 11700+ members graduate students union. Before I came back to school for my Ph.D. studies, I founded Popcan Optimization & Development, a firm dedicated to provide OR-based decision support systems to Canadian SMEs.

Outside of OR, I am also fond of music, games, history, and cats.

The Blog

This blog presents some tricks of the trade of being a practitioner in the Operations Research field. I present some applications and provide advice on designing, implementing and testing models and algorithms. Current focus of the blog is on the use of solvers in operations research. Some topics I plan to cover in the future are: modeling issues and methodologies, design and implementation of heuristics and metaheuristics as well as agent-based optimization.

This blog emphasizes insights, simple data analysis as well as empirical discoveries and does not try to emulate the degree of generality and thoroughness found in research papers published in academic journals. I certainly hope that starters in the field will find some of the stuff time-saving.